Who We Are

Australia Pathway Consulting offers a blend of comprehensive and well- rounded     recruitment expertise, coupled with local market and industry knowledge to aspiring students. This provides a distinctive, comprehensive and unique platform in delivering high quality, consistent and reliable service to both students and institutions. We know that picking the right consultancy firm is crucial and that is why we want you to feel secure by knowing you made the right decision to let us handle all your educational requirements with our expertise and in your best interests. 


We are committed to providing reliable, quality and professional services for those who aspire to pursue further education through our network of institutions in Australia.

Core Values

  • Professionalism

  • Excellence & Optimal Service

  • Integrity

  • Quality Assurance

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Offshore Office

Phòng119B, 530 đường Little Collins  TP. Melbourne

51 đường Mê Linh, F19, Quận Bình Thạnh

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MARN  1807905

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